Writers in Super Sentai I Overrate A LOT

Here are Sentai writers I overrate and why in no particular order... or is it?  You decide via comments!

Naruhisa Arakawa- I was delighted to be receive correct information that he wrote certain episodes in Jetman.  I can't deny he wrote Kuuga, Abaranger, Dekaranger and Gokaiger as its head writers while he made some of the best Jetman episodes ever.  While some consider Dekaranger the least of his works, I find it his best. :P

Yasuko Kobayashi- I believe I have major disagreements with some Sentai critics when it comes to pointing out some of her flaws.  Why I overrate her a lot is maybe because I count her as a melting pot for every 80s-2000s show, get ideas and blend them and poof you get some series worth watching.  With how Gobusters is, I think I'm so gonna overrate that series until that same incident in RPM (apocalyptic earth) will happen...

Toshiki Inoue- I believe why I overrate him is because I'm a huge fan of Jetman until today and the Maskman episodes he wrote are just VERY GOOD.  Okay I'll probably watch Agito and Kiva when I get the chance to appreciate his other works.  I might even be guilty of watching his burnouts and still praising them for being good.  Okay I may have a few complains about Gokaiger 28 (I think it's his worst, no offense) but still, I praised him for it since it wasn't a lousy episode either.

Not to mention Hirohisa Soda!!!!  He wrote from Goggle V up to Fiveman introducing plenty of new ideas for writers to pick up in the future and improve the amazing performance he did.  After all, he is PART of my childhood Sentai.  Even Fiveman which was a burnout, I guess I can still enjoy the show.  It's always a delight for me to think his ideas are just hard to beat!

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