Omi Gibson Cosplay as Frederica Sawyer

Omi Gibson Cosplay as Frederica Sawyer character from Black Lagoon Anime series, Black Lagoon is a manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe, and published in Shogakukan's Sunday GX since 2002. An animated television series based on the manga aired in Japan from April 8, 2006, im not watch or follow this anime but i know this is good anime though not that popular, in this Cosplay photo the cosplayer name is Omi Gibson, Omi Gibson is cosplaying as Frederica Sawyer, Frederica Sawyer also known as Sawyer the Cleaner, is a young girl, appearing to be in her late teens-early twenties, who specializes in body disposal, but also does occasional bounty hunter work, Sawyer is an assassin who eschews the use of firearms in combat. Instead, she utilizes a thick-bladed chainsaw over half-her-height long, the same one she uses on her victims.

Omi Gibson Cosplay as Frederica Sawyer Gallery

I got another Omi Gibson Cosplay photo (she always did great cosplay photo and always seem tottal on it :D) no wonder she also known as cosplay queen ^^, and as always in this Omi GIbson Cosplay Photo Omi seem very tottal on it, i love her gothic makeup and her hair too, that was awesome the make up made Omi seem very different with casual Omi Gibson xD and made her got very grumpy face (i think that good point for assassin :D), and her hair...ummm i think i wanna ask my girl friend to try that hair style xD i like that, beside that Omi seem enjoying her pose too in this Omi Gibson cosplay photo especially i love her pose in first and scond cosplay, that nice pose, there is another cosplayer too in this Omi Gibson Cosplay as Frederica Sawyer, but i dont know who is he :/ that lame! (sorry for not including his name here), well i got this Omi Gibson Cosplay as Frederica Sawyer from, this is awesome Black Lagoon cosplay photo by Omi Gibson.

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