Bully: When it was Cool.

In theaters now 'Bully' movie focusing on the ugly truth of bully from physical, verbal and cyber. Enough is enough and people need to speak up and stand up to these people. I don't promote bullying but there was a time where bullies ran free and were accepted. Lets take a scroll down memory lane Butt-Head! What! What's the matter!? You gonna Cry!? Cry! Cry! Ya big wuss! More after the jump

Christmas Story ' Scut Farkus' the last thing you wanted to run into after a long day of school work and dodging hallway wedges. His evil ginger stare, fox fur hat and silver sinister smile meant only one thing. Indian rug burns and knuckle sandwiches. 

Cobra Kai! The name alone strikes fear into ones mere soul. Karate Kid introduced us to a group of teenagers that knew how to put a hurting on anyone that cross them. Matching jump suits, headbands and cut sleeve shirts is never a good thing.

The Name BIFF! Get it Right! Butt-Head! Back to the Future dawn a bully that held the code of bullying, making locker stuffing a sport and singling ones weakness a gift. Biff will forever go down as one of the greats. 

2010 Karate Kid introduce us to a bully that could kick your ass and your fathers at the age of 10.  

O'Doyle Rules! Is the last thing you ever want to hear, because most likely your about to wear your lunch and have your school supplies dunk in the toilet. 
Nelson....giving bullies a voice and a laugh that makes everyone feel worthless. 
If this list was base on rank, Debo would stand in as number one as being the ultimate bully. Famous for staring in movie 'Friday' terrorizing an entire neighborhood with a single stare. 

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