Super Sentai's One Shot Head Writers

Here are those one shot Super Sentai head writers.  Here's what I think of them:

Yoshio Urasawa's writing of Carranger was indeed a miracle to revive Super Sentai in such a way.  It was both funny and serious.  While it was said to be a parody, I consider it just lighthearted with bad-ass moments as the show wasn't total nonsense making it a way better balance than Go-onger has! It was in fact for me, it was more of a a Turboranger upgrade than a parody as both shows are funny and serious.  He also wrote the Carranger episodes in Gokaiger and eventually the marriage of Jerashid to Noboyuki's mother.

Jun'ichi Miyashita's creation of Hurricanger was sort of like Liveman and Hurricanger combination but it seems mostly Liveman seeing how he used the elements of academics, friendship, revenge and redemption in some way although unlike Liveman, this wasn't focused so much on revenge.  Read more here.

Maekawa Atsushi's Magiranger was in itself what I'd call get Gogo V and Fiveman, put magic dust and make the youngest the leader and poof you get this show.  Like Gogo V, they fought the supernatural but this time, they also used supernatural powers.  This show was filled with cracktastic goodness that the Fiveman puppets can't offer and where the parents (and brother-in-law) all join the finale.

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