Michiko Yokote's Contributions to Super Sentai

Michiko Yokote is what I'd call first wrote a good series then wrote a "NAH" series.  Here's what I think...

Gekiranger is a pretty decent series in itself.  She was able to combine wild animals and martial arts into one awesome show with how well it was executed from start to finish.  So she did take the whole "wild thing" to where Jan became the first Sentai jungle boy (perhaps most likely inspired most likely by Kamen Rider Amazon and Juspion), and some pretty dark secrets along the way.  She may have taken Yamimaru and Kirika into consideration in making Rio and Mele while having her own original concept of how to run them from their villainous start to heroic end.

Goseiger is what I'd call a "nah" series because of the lack of quality it had which IMO wasn't my type.  However there is the potential of working out an angel theme Sentai with changing villain factions IF DONE RIGHT in a future series but she failed to bring it to better heights.   I guess she burned out after doing other projects aside from Super Sentai.

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