Belated Episode Reviews for Gokaiger 40-41

So far Gokaiger has been quite behind me.  Heh heh.  Anyway, I'd like to share my thoughts on Gokaiger episodes 40-41...

Episode 40...

The whole episode focuses on Domon's return. So he's been too kind to make an appearance.

It was nice to have the whole episode inserted in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.  It was pretty cool to explain how the Gokaigers appeared in the movie.

It was nice to have a Timeranger tribute.

This is ONE big loophole in Timeranger that's bugging me until now.  It bugs me more than Ransik's sudden change of heart in the end in Time Force or where Lila is now in Timeranger.  Why?  How could a man from the future 1,000 years later ever produce a child with a woman from the present?!  Well I'm reminded of Andy Lau's film with Barbie Xu "Future X Cop" now which IMO made more sense than the Timeranger loophole concerning Domon's son who is later named Mirai.

Certainly tears filled the eyes of Domon in the end as a result of star-crossed love.

Episode 41...

After the death of Warz Gill the crown prince, the evil emperor of a father, Akudosu Gill finally shows up after some time speculating how he looked like.  Well like father, like son.  But surprisingly, he does somehow care for his son by having Damarasu by being fired.  If I were him, I'd rather have that guy executed! Damarasu then joins Basco to Joloika.  The emperor arrives... imperial march theme please!

It was a nice Ahim de Famille episode.  I'm kinda reminded of Star Wars here- Princess Leia and the destruction of Alderaan is what I remember except the destruction of her planet was not instantaneous.

Despite being a princess, she can fight.  Yeah.  Now I see more of a warrior spirit in her.  Boy I want to rewatch Star Wars trilogy anytime!  On the other hand, there's much cliche that's running through interplanetary destruction with space aliens from Sentai.  Hmmm... Zangyack must have fought a lot of enemies including Vyram too!

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