Best Food for the New Year!

Well we had our list of bad cooks, now it's time to see those who can serve food really well.  They are:

Raita Ooshi in Jetman showed he could really cook.

Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo- Despite the fact she's a rich girl, she can COOK.  Maybe her butler taught her how to cook.

Ryou- He's the best gyoza cook now in Japan as of present.

Shouhei Yokkaichi- He makes good ramen and gyoza.

Gouki- He is Gingaman's cook.

Domon- He is a master in making Soba.

Genta Umemori- He has magical fingers.  He even made delicious curry rice himself.

Joe Gibken- It's obvious he's a good cook from the start.  Love that time he and Ahim had.

Don Dogoier

Gai Ikari- He later becomes another cook aboard the Gokai Galleon.  He and Genta should open a shop sometime.

So I hope everybody has a happy new year!

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