Gokaiger's Getting Intense

After the Christmas special, there will be a more intense battle to face.  So what's going on?  As Gokaiger will inevitably wave their hands goodbye and leave for space then comes Gobuster, it's time share my reaction towards what Henshin Grid has given its readers.  Here they are:

Episode 45-46 will have Ninjaman.  I definitely think a ninja episode will be cool with Kakuranger.  I do hope that the two parter will have a festive mood too.

Oh my!  One of my favorite babes could be appearing.  Woohoo!  Talk about crazy!  Is she ageless?!?

Episode 47-48 is the final battle with Basco.  He's one insanely evil privateer.  Now it's time to see what the deal deal was between him and Captain Marvelous.  I really want to get this guy defeated once and for all.  He's been trouble, trouble, trouble and I except an intense duel.

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