Tokusatsu Awarding... by Me!

Well it's time to do some awarding of my followers for their contributions in Tokudom blogging like...

Mr. Smith gets the nobel peace prize for creating a blog that seeks to put Super Sentai and Power Rangers severity aside.

Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai
Chris X for providing me new techniques directly and indirectly in writing about Sentai.

Toku Time - Bringing Tokusatsu to the Masses One Show at a Time
EZ Rider for reviving Tokusatsu power.

My Photo
Sentai Five for being quite head of me.

Fantasy Leader for providing information on what Toku fans want to know

That Chick for providing useful reviews on Tokusatsu.

Henshin Grid
Lastly to Henshin Grid for being the number one Toku blog ever.

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