How to Crash Your New Year Dinner Sentai Style!

Well here's a list of cooks you'd like to hire to make a very horrible new year party...

Be afraid, be very, very afraid... because we present...

Juri Nijou/Ohyellow, Yuuri/Time Pink (she traveled from the future to the present), Yukito Sanjyou/Abare Blue and Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink

Yukito will say, "Don't worry girls, we're the greatest." and start cooking one bad dish after the other.

With one bad cook to another cooperating with each other, looks like fury has never been unleashed before. The menu has chocolate coated steak, garlic coated coconut, vegetables cooked in candy syrup, strawberry flavored tofu... and all you can think!  Comment on what awful dishes you can think was served!

Crazy!  Well it's time.  Now what do we expect for the taste?!  Here's a few critics!  Not really... here we GO and see our "satisfied guests"!

"What have I just eaten? I think I need my stomach pills to help me to be at ease!"

"I came back from the afterlife just to eat CRAP?!  That's it I'm departing back!"

"I'd rather eat green peas which I dislike than the food today!"

"Yukito when can it get back into your mind you're not a good cook!"

"Dishes approved for deletion from the menu!"

"That was awful."  FAINTS.

"What?  Don't you know how to hire a good chef for your party?!"

"That was the WORST tasting dinner EVER! WHYYY???"

"Call for the medics team!  Bring the stomach pills! Attack!"

"Looks like we're going to need some extra help too."

Well that's that!  Hopefully some people can comment on what they'd think of such dishes.

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