Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle Review

It's kind of late or is it?  Well I'd like to write my review of Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle, perhaps the most insane Super Sentai movie that would seem to make every other special not so great.  So where do I begin?  The plot is somewhat taking in between the series where the Legend War against Zangyack began.  The war was pretty insane when EVERY ranger in Super Sentai history including those who died (except for Daigorou, Kensaku and Mika) show up to beat up the Zangyacks.  Actually Gai Yuki, Mikoto, Burai, Rio, Melee and Naoto don't have to worry much because they're dead but the living ones do.  They sacrifice their powers resulting to the ghosts returning to the afterlife (I presume) and the loss of the powers of the others.  So the Goseigers can't accept the fact they lost their powers decide to challenge the Gokaigers for their power back.

The good:

The whole movie was insanely action filled.  The plot was somewhat where the Goseigers and Gokaigers get to know each other while focusing on hope.  It was nice to see the first Sentai big bad Black Cross King return with Dagon, Buredoran and Yogoschrimaten for some intense filled action.

So we've got the Goseigers learning the true spirit of the Gokaigers.  It was fun to see them first fight then later the Goseigers and Gokaigers get to know each other.  Only by teaming up do they beat the three villains that Black Cross King teamed up with.  Oh, that whole scene where Black Cross King used the ranger keys is just pretty awesome.  The battle with the clones was fun to watch too as they were reverted back to being ranger keys.  Also it was nice to see old veterans like Riki Honoo, Shiro, Kanpei, Tyuoshi, Banba, Umeko and Rei make a cameo in giving the GREATER POWER!

So there's also the final battle.  It was really insane how Black Cross King created a new body for himself way bigger than the rest of the mecha which is just crazy- and I personally thought of Sosai X's transformation into Sosai Z in Gatchaman Fighter.  I could compare its size to Vulgyre.  The encouragement of the people was somewhat similar to the final episode of Ultraman Tiga that brought the end of the Black Cross Fuehrer.  And it was so far the most well-written crossover.  Kudos to Naruhisa Arawaka for such a job well done.

The bad:

Actually I'm not much of a fan of Black Cross King.  Otherwise, he's the first Sosai X character of the WHOLE Sentai franchise. Well as said, there is NO perfect film but Naruhisa Arakawa does his best to keep things balanced so let's just avoid picking too much on the flaws.

The ugly:

Can't name anything or am I being biased?

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