Boukenger vs. Super Sentai Review

Boukenger vs. Super Sentai although it was just a short special but it was one of the coolest.  Why?  So I'd like to really go down bit by bit like I did with Shinkenger vs. Go-onger.  Okay there's no Operation Overdrive marathon or what but I'd like to do this review anyway.


I personally find the plot of Gaja making a deal with Chronos to be at first, just regular until Chronos becomes responsible for separating Eiji Takaoka from the Boukengers.  Then comes the most unusual person in Super Sentai history- Aka Red, who is born from the wish of peace allowing him to use the powers of the red rangers in the past.  Eiji Takaoka is given an address book of five chosen heroes for the script each with hilarious resuls. Chronos plans to merge Memmy, Tsuetsue and Furaibijou into one evil staff.

The good:

The short flick in itself featured some of the best characters to return like Tetsu Aira, Magishine, Nanami Nono (look good as ever), Tsubasa Ozu as a boxer and Asuka from Dino Earth.  These team-ups like usual had the problem of teaming up but they do overcome it.  It was kinda realistic when it comes to personalities because personalities do clash.  I find it hilarious how Eiji Takaoka was refused help at first and later, surprise, they come to help him.  Although Magishine wasn't one of the chosen, it was fun seeing him team up and later join the other heroes to create the Daivoyager Burning Mode to defeat Chronos once and for all.

Also the battle scenes were kinda good like how Aka Red shows some of his powers which included the Burning Daivoyager, a movie exclusive upgrade that later powers down in order to beat Chronos.  Perhaps one of the best battle scenes I can name is when Aka Red teamed up with Bouken Red.  Well it was also fun to see the chosen rangers clash then team up kicking the butts of the villain team of Chronos.

The bad:

I personally find the film to be well, too short for one that isn't blandly written.  It should have reached at least an hour or so.  Also it could have been fun if the whole Negative Syndicate appeared for the film like in the rather bland team-up of "Once a Ranger".  Well since the focus of Chronos was the Philosopher's Staff so the Negative Syndicate may have become unnecessary to the plot save Gaja.  Also I'd like to complain that Furaibijou only made her appearance so short... she could have been fully utilized before Chronos double-crosses her with Tsuetsue and Memmy.  Hmmm... Yabaiba could have been used too you know.  Oh well...

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