Gokaiger Christmas Made Me Feel Younger

Well there's no doubt that despite the fact I'm almost 30 in just a few years but I feel young at heart.  Here are some shots from Henshin Grid to share:

It was nice of Kenji Ohba to dress up as Santa Claus while he was actually in reality playing as Shiro Akebono the first black ranger.  The panda was kinda cute.  Well I do get nostalgic with Gekiranger in some way.

It's nice of Gai Ikari to be here.  He's a favorite among many children.

It was kinda fun seeing Gai Ikari in this form.

And here's the scene that brought me back to the past...

Kenji Ohba did play a big part in my childhood with Gavan.  Those who grew up in the 90s still remmeber him to be one of the greatest Toku legends.  Only if I can get his autograph.  To be honest, even when he's old now but I do like watching episodes in Tokusatsu where he appears.

Also plush dolls remind me of my childhood too.

And overall, I feel young again with this episode.

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