One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako as one of the strongest shichibukai member Dracule Mihawk, dracule Mihawk very strong and master of blade who can cut everything with his blade, that why Roronoa zoro always respect him and make Mihawk as his strongest enemy, dracule Mihawk first appearance in One Piece anime is when he come to baratie restourant and destroy a huge ship with only using a small blade on his necky, in that time zoro trying to fitg Mihawk but he even cant touch mihawk and he got bad injured in that fight (though mihawk still using a small knift to fight zoro), Mihawk is a tall and lean man with a short beard and sideburns that point upwards. His nickname comes from his strangely colored yellow eyes, which resemble a hawk's eyes, Having lost one rival in Shanks, he now shares a rivalry with Zoro, and is prepared to wait as long as it takes for Zoro to become strong enough to beat him.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Usako Gallery

Its awesome One Piece Cosplay Photo Dragule Mihawk by Japanese cosplayer Usako, why its awesome because Usako can really look like a real Mihawk, though Usako face seem not perfectly fit as Mihawk face which i ever imagine but hes seem fit enough with Mihawk face, beside that look at his sixpack body...God that awesome and just look like Mihawk body posture for real (im not admire his body XD, I just marvel at the resemblance to Mihawk), well his cosplay costume seem awesome too i think that was made with fit material and with a detailed pattern on it :o awesome! well in this One Piece Cosplay Photo there is also Roronoa zoro cosplay (I think he has not exercise, and lose his muscles ^^), and that Blackbeard (tech) cosplay seem great too, he look very fit as tech, he has very fit face and body posture and i like his expression XD on this One Piece Cosplay, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photography from Usako WorldCosplay page, its awesome One Piece Cosplay Photo.

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