A Collective Thought on Gobusters

I got to admit I've been doing some other blogs so I didn't do much weekly reviews.  Sigh but at least Ukiya Seed is keeping up on it somehow.  So here's what I'm thinking...

The Gobusters are learning some concept of teamwork and the episodes are somewhat dark.  Why do I feel like it's having the RPM feel even if it doesn't take place in an apocalyptic setting?  Somehow this "Messiah" virus is going to be a major threat to human life.

Learning how to operate the Megazords (Seriously why this name?  LOL) again adds more humanity to the rangers.

It DID take some time for Gobuster-Oh to combine (it was in episode six) but then again that kind of plot was also in earlier Sentai like Jetman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, Gingaman to name a few where the combining robot didn't appear immediately) but the mecha IMO is pretty cool!

I am expecting more but I'm too stuck with other stuff.  Why am I too engrossed with Chinese soaps and movies?!

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