One Piece Cosplay Photo by Amaya1

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Amaya1 Cosplayer as Cute and hawt navigator on One Piece Anime, Nami :D, well i always post about One Piece Cosplay lately that because i love One Piece Anime XD, Nami has a cute appearance with short orange hair but after two years time skip Nami has long orange hair who made her seem more mature and amazing :D (actually i miss nami with short hair), as Pirates navigator nami very skillfull on using weather and nature as her weapon, etc she can create ligthning strom using her knowledge about weather (well who know how she can do that XD), she even can make illusion or clone herself, beside her abillity on navigating and weather she also awesome on stealing something from people (she just like a cat :D), nami is a smartgirl with cheerful personality but when she get angry she can made everyone incapacitate XD.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Amaya1 Gallery

Well this time i got One Piece Cosplay Photography from sweet china cosplayer Amaya1 (i think that not her real name), in this One Piece Cosplay Photo Amaya1 has made me can see cute nami with short hair come to alive ^^, i mean she really look like nami, i love her hair that was nice and really look like nami hair and she looks very cute with a small ponytail behind her hair ^^ ... its been long time im not see nami with that hairstyle, beside that her hair seem very natural that look like Amaya1 real hair (or is so), i think Nami never wearing that cloth in One Piece anime, in this One Piece Cosplay Photo Amaya1 seem very fit as nami ^^ she also look fit with nami personality, beside that the flower made this One Piece cosplay photo seem more sweet, ummm...i wondering what happen to nami in second photo o.O, I think she was tired and fell asleep while sitting XD, or maybe she was crying?, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo by Amaya1 from her WorldCosplay page, its sweet One Piece Cosplay Photo ^^.

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