My Top Picks for Sentai's CRAZIEST Moments IMO

Well I'd like to do some evaluation for what I'd call as Sentai's most crazy moments.  Here are they:

Kaoru Shiba's adoption of Takeru.  Well she's a 15 year old adopting her shadow warrior as her son?  I rolled down the floor watching that scene!

The marriage of Jerashid to Noboyuki's mother.  It's just too sudden.  Well there have been some interracial human dating in Super Sentai but the marriage was just too fast. :P

Yatsudenwani as CEO of Dino Curry.  That is WAY MORE CRAZY than Dryer Jigen (who I imagine is now the CEO of a hair salon franchise) getting a job!

Kyousuke and Zonette in their relationship.  It was kinda crazy in itself that it exceeded the comedy Carranger has (well Carranger is NOT a slapstick show) in itself.

Natsuki Mamiya piloting Daibouken BY HERSELF!  That incident was plain STUPID and shows how much of a walking disaster this klutz is!

Zulten as a fart machine.  I know I find Zulten annoying BUT using him as fart machine by Shigoki Bouma is just plain crazy!  Okay I felt good about how Yamimaru got even with him too so I laughed at it!

I do say Exhaus' defeat was awesome but it was also crazy.  Seriously when did Gynamo gain the ability to throw imo-youkan that far to reach Exhaus' mouth?

Mako Shiraishi's bad cooking.... not only does it put the kitchen on fire but it also knocks people off their stomachs (Yukito's did but he was getting annoying IMO)!  Too bad her bad cooking has never been weaponized for other stuff!  Other bad cooks didn't receive this kind of craziness!

Takeru/Red Mask's childhood secret revealed.  IMO it's really that funny when the other Maskmen find out how different he was back then! :P

Satoru Akashi's bad luck was totally crazy.  After all that bad luck, he survives through it.  Most people would already die.

Saya turning into a giant.  I think that deserves a spot here.  Hee hee.

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